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In this FREE introductory guide to my book, 7 Steps of Hope and Healing, I share the 7 steps I discovered that released me from the pain and prison of disability and eventually which I relied on through my journey of facing the loss of both my service dogs, within 9 months of each other. Click below to find out more about my services. 

"Thanks for making me a believer! 7 Steps has given me the tools to reinvent myself and find joy again, despite my chronic condition." Tammy H.

7 Steps of Hope and


Overcoming obstacles is no easy task. Through her journey she found the ways to overcome chronic illness and has created the 7 Steps of Hope and Healing 

as a way to share this discovery with all who need it.

Pink , The 3-Legged Dog Who Lost Her Leg and Found Her Courage

The amazing true story of Pink experience of being born 4 legged and at age one, required an amputation and how she overcame this "disability" teaching Nancy to have hope and to never give up. This book offers that same hope and inspiration to anyone with a challenge.

Paws For Comfort

When I stumbled upon a rare breed of dog, the Xoloitzcuintli (Shoo-low-eats-quint-lee, commonly known as Mexican Hairless or Xolo), I knew I had found my answer to natural pain relief. A true blessing for all who need it. Click here to learn more.


Nancy's core belief is hope. With hope, you can achieve your goals, heal yourself and find inner peace. Nancy has overcome her own disabilities and challenges in her life through using her 7 Steps of Hope and Healing system.


Nancy has dedicated her life to teaching others how to transform their challenges into triumphs through her 7 Steps of Hope and Healing. She coaches individuals and groups as she combines her personal journey of losses and triumphs with her professional experience as a licensed social worker and certified life coach.


Nancy has overcome the negative impact of her chronic pain condition as a courageous warrior. Aiding her on her journey are her wonderful healing service dogs. She has transformed her relationship with her condition by identifying her 7 Steps of Hope and Healing. She has a strong belief and a deep-seated passion for accompanying others on their journey self-discovery and healing.


"This book [7 Steps of Hope and Healing] draws on multiple accessible, proven and risk-free tools to help patients heal. It empowers patients without 'talking down' to them. I advise it to anyone with a chronic condition or illness."

-- Heidi Meyer M.D., Kaiser Hospital, San Diego, CA

“This is a wonderful story [Pink, The 3 Legged Dog] about a courageous and inspiring dog. Pink has a terrible tragedy that she turns into an empowering experience. I would love to read this to my first-grade students. I believe they would fall in love with Pink, and be so touched by her tragedy and her bravery to not give up when challenged to do things differently. I could guide them in truly understanding hope, determination, imagination and fearlessness in problem solving. With beautiful illustrations, a must read for all children.” 

-- Kathy Ryan, NBCT Educator, San Diego City Schools

Nancy in the Media

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